Aga Radwanska’s clothing choice for the 2016 US Open: Rose neon Lotto Nixia Dress


After a colorful start of the US hardcourt season in the pink fluo space dye Lotto Eclipse Dress, Agnieszka Radwanska will go back to basics at the 2016 US Open, opting for the rose neon version of the Lotto Nixia Dress, the design the Pole sported at Wimbledon.

Lotto Fall Nixia Dress

I thought that Aga would wear the new Lotto Fall Twice Dress, featuring a black and white leaf and flower print, but the world No.4 put the bolder design aside and decided to wear the solid item highlighted by a dominant mesh panel at the back and a drop-waisted skirt with a few pleats. I got this information straight from Lotto’s PR, so it’s 100% true.

The Lotto Nixia Dress is an excellent piece of clothing, but I’d prefer something more dramatic for the US Open. What do you think?


  1. I like the design but I hate that coral pink color. It shows as pretty blah on the television. Maybe it has more punch in person.

  2. @claire it comes in dark pink and white ( Her aus open and wimbledon dresses ) 🙂 I really don’t get lottos love for pink. It makes me nauseous at times


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