VIDEO: WTA fashion at the 2017 Australian Open

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For the last eight years I’ve been doing Grand Slam fashion overviews and after finishing my post reviewing all the WTA outfits gracing the courts of the 2017 Australian Open I decided to try creating a video. Those of you that have followed Women’s Tennis Blog for a long time may remember that years ago I used to do video fashion overviews occasionally, but back than I simply transformed PowerPoint presentations into YouTube videos, while now I also included short highlights from matches. My video editing skills are still work in progress, but I’m sure I’ll get better fast. Overall, how do you like the idea of video collages?

Also, have a look at my old French Open fashion overview video. Do you prefer it like this, i.e. a PowerPoint presentation transformed into a video, or is my new idea to cut sections from matches better?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



  1. I love the fashion video, keep them coming. I love Serena’s outfit and definitely getting it, to wear in Spring. This tournament she didn’t change outfits. This year the outfits were great and nothing outrageous.


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