Wilson’s new Clash racquet, never before seen combination of flexibility and stability, control and power


Since the first known tennis racquet in 1874, technology has played a huge part in the advancements in racquets, helping to change the game. Until today, there really hasn’t been a racquet that has turned the game upside down since the introduction of the composite racquet.

Wilson Tennis has spent the last three years researching and developing the first tennis racquet explicitly created for the modern tennis swing by flexing (yes, flexing), without compromising stability or power. This racquet was born from hundreds of tennis players and thousands of hours of playtesting.

The Clash collection suits a broad range of players who desire racquets that are incredibly easy to play with, that provide complete confidence to swing powerfully, and offer unparalleled control over shots. WTA’s Nicole Gibbs is known to use the Clash racquet.

To create the Clash line, Wilson LABS used motion capture technology to track swing planes and dimensionalize the modern player’s angle of attack, bringing to life how much more vertical it has become over time. This research, along with insights from hundreds of tennis players globally, led Wilson LABS researchers to evaluate ways they could alter conventional racquet construction by providing a level of fluid movements to the frame.

The end result included two new technologies that comprise the make-up of the new Clash line. The first being the patent-pending FreeFlex Technology and the second being StableSmart Technology. These combined technologies provide the player an opportunity to control the directional accuracy and the depth of the shot.

The new Wilson Clash collection includes the Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour. Both models are now available for pre-sale at Tennis Warehouse USA, Tennis Warehouse Europe and Wilson.com, while they will be available for purchase on February 15th at the price of $249.


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