Sharapova reveals food habits: lives on baby purées, swears by black tea with jam

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Maria Sharapova is giving us a rare detailed insight into her diet, with a diary of all her meals, drinks and restaurant visits in the period between February 12th and February 17th for Grub Street, a tasty manual for dining in and dining out. The Russian is not competing at the moment, as she’s rehabbing her shoulder, so she’s not in the strictest regime, but still her diet is very healthy and versatile.

Did you know that Masha brings baby food, in particular Ella’s Kitchen purées, with her everywhere — to meetings, flights, tournaments? Tocaya Organic Mexican is the tennis star’s favorite home delivery in L.A. The five-time Grand Slam champion enjoys the art of tea-making and loves her afternoon tea, especially Fortnum and Mason’s Afternoon Blend, which she serves with jam. As for coffee, at home her choice is Nespresso with lactose-free milk. When it comes to sweets, the developer of the Sugarpova brand is a sucker for Chinese White Rabbit and Russian zefir.

Even though Sharapova enjoys eating at all sorts of restaurants, moderation is important to her and she does try to eat gluten-free. Moreover, several times a week she starts her day with a warm cup of water and fresh-squeezed lemon.

My favorite is the last paragraph in Masha’s food diary, as it is key to success in all areas of life, i.e. discipline with occasional relaxing moments:

I’m also a big believer in treating yourself, and that comes from my childhood. You spend so much energy saying no to yourself, always restricting yourself, and not just in food but in life, and so I’m always a big believer that there are times you have to give yourself a treat. It takes a lot of energy to consistently say no to things you do enjoy.

I suggest you to read the entire article, especially if you live in L.A. or New York, as Sharapova mentions specific places she visited and meals that she ordered. For example, you may spot her at Two Guns in Los Angeles, where she often goes for a coffee with her girlfriends on a day off.


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