Cori Gauff, 15, is already worth $1 million in endorsements


Even though general public is only beginning to hear about Cori “Coco” Gauff, companies sponsoring tennis players have already been eyeing this youngster. Actually, while her peers are busy with their freshman year in high school, Gauff has secured $1 million in endorsement deals! 

Cori Gauff of the United States in action during the first round at the 2019 Miami Open WTA Premier Mandatory tennis tournament

Gauff has been a 15-year-old for only a week and the American has already made her presence known at the Miami Open, beating fellow American teenager Catherine McNally in the first round and becoming the youngest player to win a WTA main-draw match in a decade. In the second round, she was stopped by seed No.14 Daria Kasatkina on Friday, but note that this was her main-draw debut!

Cori Gauff during her first ever WTA main-draw win

As Forbes reports, Gauff is on track to earn at least $1 million this year from a trio of sponsors. At the Miami Open, she started wearing a patch promoting Barilla, the famous Italian pasta maker. When it comes to tennis clothing, the American is sponsored by New Balance, which beat Nike in a bidding war for this up-and-coming star (at the Miami Open we can see her in the Spring Rally Court Tank featuring a V-back and the Spring Tournament Court Skirt characteristic for its rounded bottom hem), while her racquet of choice is Head.

Note, all these sponsorship deals were secured when Gauff was yet to win a WTA-level match! As Forbes’ Kurt Badenhausen states, “Gauff checks all the marketing boxes with her performance, personality and catchy nickname.”

Amanda Anisimova & Cori Gauff of the United States during the juniors final trophy ceremony at the 2017 US Open

Gauff’s WTA portfolio is, naturally, still modest, but her young career already boasts impressive achievements. As a 13-year-old, Gauff finished runner-up to Amanda Anisimova at the 2017 junior US Open, while the following season she captured her first junior Grand Slam title at Roland Garros. In addition, the Delray Beach native was the youngest junior girl’s No.1 in history.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Coco’s father, Corey, played basketball at Georgia State, while her mother, Candi, who is home-schooling her daughter, was a track star at Florida State.

Is Gauff ready to face the pressure of high expectations? She better be, as her goal is very ambitious: “I want to be the greatest of all time.”


  1. I think its wrong to invest in a youngster who havent showed any potential on the main circuit. Yes she won GS junior, but there were many junior slam champions who didnt make it big in the main wta tour. They shouldve invest in her at least after 6 months of her progress in the main wta tour. Why cant NB sponsored player like Hsieh Su-Wei? She is far more progressive!

  2. Ian, yeah, Hsieh is playing the Miami Open quarterfinals in a black outfit that is a mix of NikeCourt and Adidas :O

  3. Marija, you beat me to the punch on Hsieh. When I first saw her in the match against Wozniacki, I thought, Hmm, nice outfit..Did she finally get a sponsor from Nike? But I noticed she had no emblem on her visor, and the skirt was Adidas. Ian, mainland China makes it very difficult on Taiwanese ladies to get a sponsor, but I agree with you, she deserves it! Yani Tseng, a 5 time major winner on the LPGA tour could never get an apparel sponsor.

  4. Hseih’s no sponsor thing is tied to her fallout with the Taiwanese tennis federation. It’s very unlikely just about lack of interest at this point, but a complicated relationship with countries and federations. It’s not like the US where you just pick whoever you want and get offers freely from whoever wants to give them.

  5. PJ, that’s right. Not everyone has the same position and privileges, not all players with relatively similar levels of career success are equal.

  6. “Light worker” you’re not representing light, because there is no darkness in light. Based upon your comments and link posted, you’re pure evil and of your father the devil. I John 1:7 says “Walk in the light, as God is in the light.” Moreover, Jesus said “I am the light of the world.” Stop being so hateful and jealous of successful, extraordinary, talented, and dominant Black athletes. Your racist side is showing, so go get your heart and mind right ASAP! The female tennis player who’s been doping for years was the one who was finally exposed, and she was and still is admired by many, as she can do no wrong in their blinded eyes (HINT: Maria Sharapova). If Serena is doping, she’s been in the game too long to not have been caught or exposed by now. With new & advanced technology, if she’s doping, don’t worry, she’ll be caught eventually. However, it’s not your job to do that, so give it a rest and go enjoy some tennis, liar!

  7. Congrats, Coco Gauff! Your hard work, intelligence, wisdom, bravery, and superb tennis skills are to be commended. You’ve earned all this is and more, and the best is yet to come. Keep your head up beautiful one, and remain humble while going straight to the top. You’re well on your way! Well said Forbes rep: Coco’s performance & personality are marketing plusses. She’s the whole package. Securing endorsements at only 15 yrs of age while securing the “bag,” rising to the top, and eating the good of the land. And in the meantime, the jealous ones are loosing, showing their true COLORS, and spewing hatred because of the wicked state of their soul. “Keep your eyes on the Master, Coco! You’ve got this!”

  8. And you too, Dave Mackey. Stop spewing lies and just accept the fact that Coco Gauff is a highly skilled tennis player, regardless of her gender. You’d better believe, she’s 100% female and very assured of her place in the world of women’s tennis. Just get used to seeing her around, buddy. She’s steadily rising to the top, while you’re concerned about her gender. Pure foolishness! “Go, Coco, go!”

  9. Ian, your comment is pure nonsense. I bet you think differently of the youngster Gauff now, don’t you? Those sponsors know a true champion with great potential when they see one. After all, that’s their profession and not yours. They saw the potential, when you shamefully didn’t. This youngster earned every one of those endorsements and the best is yet to come, as this is only the beginning. Sit back and watch another GOAT on the rise. The proof is staring you right in the face. #COCOGAUFF=ASCENSION/ABUNDANTLYBLESSED!

    NOTE: I think Coco said in her press conference after ousting Venus in the 1st round today that she’s getting texts from her school classmates. In another interview, she humorously mentioned one of her teachers seeing her play hooky from school while at Wimbledon. So, is she really home-schooled by her mother? Hmm.

  10. My daughter who is now 11 have been following Cori for 4 years. This girl is being mimicked already just like she mimicked Venus. Congrats!! People have no idea of the days the trips the hours everyday put in to create greatness! Well deserved! Like John McEnroe said she’ll be #1 at 20yrs old. Love it! My daughter and many other girls are truly inspired!!!!

  11. Damm coco you got this.
    Second week of Wimbledon surely within you even at this age. You good damn good.
    Multiple grand slam champ in the making.
    Not to get carried away as there’s not only work to be done but growth mentally and physically.
    This is what the WTA have been dying for there own next gen that can rival that which ATP boasts NUMEROUS Felix AA Alex de Minau to name just 2.
    Look out for Anna Anisomova a tad older but a class act and I think beat a 13 year old gauff in a junior major.
    Lastly no hype attached but how old was hingis when she won Wimbledon? Records are there to be broken and Gauff is already doing just that!
    Ps haters and racists go suk a dik!

  12. Okay, Kizzy. You can make all those wonderful remarks about Coco without the profane & inappropriate language. A couple of commenters in this thread (light worker & dave mackey) are being blatant ignoramuses, and they probably are down-low racists. Jealous? Yes, they obviously are. I’m sure many of those type have ruffled feathers right about now. Let’s continue to celebrate Coco’s successes and victories on a positive note, because this young lady is a 100% class act; as well, pray for those racists & jealous ones along the way. Living legend Martina Hingis was 15 yrs and 9 mos. old when she won Wimbledon. I saw that match live on TV and it was simply amazing! Also saw a 17-year-old Serena Williams beat world #1 Hingis and win the 1999 U.S. Open live on TV. Yes, Coco’s got the goods to win a major title as a teen also, and I believe (so does she & others) she will.

    “Congrats, Coco & parents! Your hard work, confidence, faith in Christ, & determination are paying off beautifully. The sky’s the limit for you, Coco. Keep shining bright like the diamond that you are.”


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