Jelena Dokic hints a return to tennis


Former world No.4 Jelena Dokic has revealed that there is a possibility of her returning to tennis, but only to doubles competition and/or legends events.

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In a video interview with Nine, the 37-year-old Australian said that one should never say never and that she would love to get a chance to be on court again.

For the first time since her retirement, Dokic played competitively at the 2020 Australian Open legends event, teamed up with Dinara Safina, and she was pleased with her level:

I played really well and hit the ball pretty well. Even the volleys.

Watching the interview, I concluded that there is a possibility that we’ll again see Dokic playing tennis competitively, however, it will be far from a full return, only a bit of doubles or some legends.

In recent years, while being away from tennis, Dokic published her autobiography entitled “Unbreakable”, courageously sharing her story of mystery and abuse by her father. Moreover, Dokic is putting her drastic weight loss journey out there for the world to see and be inspired by her ability to overcome struggles.

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18 months later and 53 kilos lost. Even though I have posted ‘before and after pictures’ before and I have posted unflattering pictures of myself and my journey,it’s never easy to do it publicly.I think it’s important to do it though because here on Instagram most of the things you see are pretty pictures and that’s ok.I have them myself but I think it’s also important to keep it honest and real and show the not so perfect images and stories sometimes.That’s the reality of life and we all have tough stories,battles and journeys and I am proud of mine. I am not here to brag about how much weight I’ve lost.This is about my tough journey which I am still on and will be for a long time,it’s about the mental battle and the battle with myself and then it’s about the kilos. I just want to show that we all have our battles,stories and journeys.This is firstly a mental battle then a physical one and it’s hard.The fight to get fitter and healthier starts with the head and the battle with yourself. I had many tough days and I still do.I used to binge eat,then starve myself,overtrain then undertrain and then feel sad and guilty.It was a vicious cycle and most worryingly I didn’t love myself. You ask yourself if it’s all worth it,who am I and why am I doing this to myself and why can’t I find the solution and win this battle. It’s still hard to find the balance sometimes.But I fight,I believe and I don’t give up.It doesn’t matter how many times you fall,it matters how many times you get up and try again. I just want to say that it’s not easy and trust me I know,but keep fighting.You will have highs and lows but just keep going.A day at a time.Don’t sweat that burger or cake you had but keep going and keep striving to be the best,healthiest and fittest version of yourself.Its all about balance and most importantly stay strong mentally and don’t stop loving yourself on the way. 🙏🙏🙏🙌💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️ #inspo #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #transformation #weightlossjourney #fitspo #loveyourself #inspiration #goals #journey #workhard #fitness #balance #bestversionofyou #healthyliving #wellbeing #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #healthylife #melbourne #australia #empower

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Already as a teenager Dokic made a name for herself in the tennis world. One of her most memorable moments was when as a 16-year-old qualifier she defeated world No.1 Martina Hingis 6-2 6-0 at Wimbledon 1999 and proceeded to reach the quarterfinals, while the next season she went one step further, to the semifinals of the grasscourt Grand Slam.

By the age of 19, Dokic was already in the Top 5, but off-court problems put her on the sidelines for years. In 2009, Dokic’s career went through a spectacular revival, when she reached the Australian Open quarterfinals while being ranked 187th in the world. In March 2011, she won the Malaysian Open, ending a nine-year title drought, but later struggled badly with form and injuries, only to finally hang up her racquet in 2014.


  1. She has been doing commentating for Australian TV the last couple of years and she is really good at that.


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