Coco Gauff reveals new colorway of the New Balance 327 shoe


American Coco Gauff is promoting a new colorway of New Balance‘s 327 shoe, inspired by the brand’s iconic running models of the 1970s.

This retro-inspired leisure shoe manages to attract young generations, as the 16-year-old tennis star explains:

One thing that makes New Balance different is they are able to bring the past and future together.

The first 327 style—a collaboration with sport fashion house Casablanca—debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2020. Charlotte Lee, a Manchester sneaker designer who created this model, was surprised by the 327’s instant popularity: “I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the demand or the positive reaction, to be honest.”

In the design process, Lee was digging through the archives, picking only elements that were iconic and stood out as different, thus coming up with a silhouette that doesn’t look like yet another shoe from the seventies.

The New Balance 327 emphasizes a shift to the simpler, stripped-back aesthetic reminiscent of the company’s heritage running styles. The designer borrowed some details from other models, most notably the asymmetric midsole, the fan detail on the toe box, and the wraparound, studded outsole. The upper features lightweight materials and is highlighted by an oversized N logo making a bold, vintage-inspired statement.

The new 327 promoted by Gauff will launch on August 8th.


  1. I honestly don’t think she deserved this much endorsement deals and attention.
    She reached a couple of 4th rounds in 2 slams, big deals. I think players like Hsieh-Su Wei /Bencic/Kasatkina are still better players than her.
    I’m not saying Coco isn’t talented, maybe she is and she might be the future slam champion.
    But I think she needs to show more better results like reaching the QF or better of big tournaments to give her this kind of luxury deal.
    I think Coco is a an over hype player, like Melanie Oudin was.

  2. Ian, if she gets endorsement deals, she deserves them. No company invests in someone they don’t expect to market their products well and increase sales. It’s that simple. And tennis results are not the only thing that gets into equationm that’s for sure.

    Coco’s Wimbledon run was truly remarkable and don’t forget that she has already won a WTA title. I do understand your viewpoint and nobody knows how her career will unfold, but it can’t be argued that she’s famous, marketable, talented and has good prospects of becoming a major champion.


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