Maria Sharapova x Bala revolutionize the way we look at weights


This week, Maria Sharapova released a series of retro-inspired photos to promote Bala, a brand that combines fitness and style by offering a range of beautiful weights and accessories. This is the Russian’s first shoot with this company that she decided to financially back on Season 11 of Shark Tank.

Those of you who are in LA may come across Maria Sharapova x Bala posters around town.

Besides investing in Bala, Sharapova also took on a role of a strategic and creative partner to the brand. Being a seasoned businesswoman, Sharapova has already given this small company established in 2018 a worldwide reach.

Personally, I think that this is one of Sharapova’s most beautiful campaigns. I love this retro aesthetic and how she wonderfully matched absolute elegance and pure sports. Looking at each photo, there are so many cool details, such as an old TV, Masha’s tennis trophies, vintage hairstyles, unique retro heels paired with Nike socks that blend the WTA star’s glamorous and athletic side, etc.


Each photo shows Bala products, such as Bala Bangles, beautiful one-pound weights worn on wrists or ankles, and Bala Bars, reinvented traditional dumbbells.

Before, nobody was thinking much of how their weights looked, so Bala products are revolutionary in a way. With Maria Sharapova on their team, there is no doubt that their slogan will come true:

We believe beautiful, functional fitness accessories will change the way people move.


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