Madison Keys gets a positive COVID-19 test, skips Australian Open


Just as she was getting ready to leave for Australia, American world No.16 Madison Keys tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss the 2021 Australian Open.

The 25-year-old Keys trained hard in the off-season and is now really disappointed not to be able to join the tour in the coming weeks. The 2015 Australian Open semifinalist is currently self-isolating at home and we can suppose that she feels fine, as her Instagram post makes no mention of any symptoms she may be having.

Keys is looking forward to being back on tour next month.

The Australian Open starts on February 8th. Players will fly on chartered flights and arrive in Melbourne between January 15th and January 17th. When the last player arrives, a two-week quarantine will commence.


  1. Unfortunately, the tennis community at Lake Nona USTA facility included individuals who didn’t believe in protecting from COVID-19.

  2. JohnnyB, bad luck for Keys. I suppose that she feels fine, which is great, but it is also a shame that her career is now getting a blow because of this mishap.

  3. BTW, How is the Covid-19 in the countries where the readers are? Anybody with family or close friends affected by it? I am in the Dallas area of Texas and a personal friend and his wife contracted it. He is a manager at a supermarket. My brother who lives in central Texas near Austin, contracted it and got pretty sick but recovered. He is a school teacher, where several of his co-workers and administrators were positive ( they wore masks, but ate lunch together). It is really scary. Everyone be careful.

  4. Jim, I am in Serbia and corona is everywhere here. Life is relatively normal, only that you have to wear a mask indoors and restaurants/bars don’t work at night. We’ve all had COVID-19 in my family, including my parents and my husband’s parents who are 65+, but luckily nobody needed to be hospitalized. Me and my parents had mild symptoms (I had fever for one day and that was it) and my husband’s parents were very sick for almost 2 weeks, but it went away without any consequences. To be honest, I don’t really know how we got infected, as we have very few contacts and we were careful. Only that my son goes to daycare, so he could have infected us all.

  5. Thats a shame for Madison as it looked like she had a pretty sensible off season. Apparently Anisimova is out too. As much as I am a big fan of Amanda I was pretty disappointed with her carry on during the off season.


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