Maria Sharapova unwinds with whiskey


Retirement has allowed Maria Sharapova to relax her eating and drinking habits. The five-time Grand Slam champion’s Instagram feed often features a glass of wine or other alcoholic drink. Now the Russian is promoting Basil Hayden’s, the lightest-bodied bourbon whiskey.

The former WTA world No.1 Sharapova says that her favorite time to unwind with Basil Hayden’s is between 6 pm and 7 pm. This spirit is advertised through hashtag “6ourbon7time”. One of their slogans is: “We say the glass is half full, and the week is half over.”

Sharapova likes this drink plain with ice or in her favorite cocktail.

Shake in a shaker:
2 parts Basil Hayden’s bourbon
3/4 part simple syrup
3/4 part juice

Strain in a glass and top with an Amarena.



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