French Open postponed by a week, Alize Cornet says it’s a selfish decision


This time last year, we projected that in 2021 we would be back to normal. Unfortunately, tennis continues to suffer because of the COVID-19 pandemic and once again the French Open is changing dates. This time, however, the postponement will not be by a few months, the 2021 edition of the tournament has been delayed by a week. The reason is that the new dates will hopefully allow the Grand Slam in Paris to accept more spectators in the stands.

The new Roland Garros dates are from May 30 to June 13, with qualifying taking place the week before. France is currently in a third nationwide lockdown, but the number of coronavirus cases is expected to get under control by mid-May. The French Tennis Federation stated:

It will give the health situation more time to improve and should optimise our chances of welcoming spectators at Roland Garros, into our newly-transformed stadium that now covers more than 30 acres.

For the fans, the players and the atmosphere, the presence of spectators is vital for our tournament, the spring’s most important international sporting event.

Alize Cornet learned about the postponement during a live TV interview in Charleston and the French world No.59 was not at all impressed with the decision. She hates the fact that it will leave only two weeks between the French Open and Wimbledon, significantly disrupting the schedule and shortening the Wimbledon tune-up period.


Nooo. I didn’t know. Ohhh God. It stays between us but our sports minister is a disaster. I’m sorry, I have nothing against her, but she only makes bad decisions for sport, like she doesn’t care. I know it comes from the government, I’m pretty sure. Might come also from the tournament, because I heard that they might have more people if they postpone for one week, but still I think it’s a pretty selfish decision, to be honest. Because the calendar is gonna suffer from this postponement.

(photo: Jimmie48)


  1. The Minister is being selfish for trying to protect the whole country? Not Alize who is complaining because her schedule has been upset? I can’t believe how entitled these tennis players are.


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