Daria Kasatkina gets it off her chest, admits having a girlfriend

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Daria Kasatkina, who had already come out as bisexual, now reveals that she’s in a relationship with a woman. The information was disclosed by the Russian tennis player herself in a recent interview.

Daria Kasatkina

Russian YouTuber Vitya Kravchenko visited WTA player Daria Kasatkina and ATP player Andrey Rublev in Barcelona, where they train. The athletes showed the vlogger their training facilities and practice regimes, discussed the ongoing sanctions that could lead to tennis dying out in Russia over time, showed him around the city, and chatted about some personal topics. Aware of that fact that the information would blow up, the world No.12 Kasatkina was ready to reveal that she is not single any more and that she is dating a woman.

Drinking beer after her first practice of the day, Kasatkina discussed the recent coming out of Russian soccer star Nadya Karpova, applauding her compatriot for being brave and true to herself:

Not only did Nadya help herself by coming out and getting this burden off her chest, but she has also helped others.

Then, the 25-year-old was ready to tell her truth, although she did feel a bit nervous. The vlogger asked her plain and simple whether she has a girlfriend, and her straightforward answer was “yes”.

The conversation proceeded to the topic of homosexuality being taboo in Russia. Kasatkina explained:

The notion of someone wanting to be gay or becoming one is ridiculous. I think there’s nothing easier in the world than being straight. Seriously, if there was a choice, nobody would choose to be gay. Why make your life harder, especially in Russia?

Hiding your real feelings is overwhelming and people are not able to do it for too long, as Kasatkina clarified:

Living in the closet is impossible. Not for the long run, no. It’s too hard. It’s pointless. You’d be constantly focused on that until you choose to come out.

Concluding the conversation, Kasatkina said:

Living in peace with yourself is the only thing that matters, and f— everyone else.


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