Women’s tennis scores a win at Wimbledon 2023: Colored underwear now allowed


Wimbledon 2023 will mark a historic moment for women’s tennis players, as they will be allowed to wear colored underwear under their dresses. This decision, announced by Wimbledon in November 2022, aims to reduce the stress that female athletes face when they are on their period during the Grand Slam tournament.

Heather Watson Wimbledon 2022
Heather Watson of Great Britain at Wimbledon 2022.

For many years, Wimbledon had strict clothing rules that required players to wear predominantly white outfits on the court, including white underwear. However, this policy created problems for women who menstruate, as white underwear can easily be stained and may cause embarrassment or discomfort. Several female athletes, including Daria Saville, Monica Puig, and Heather Watson, have spoken out about the issue, revealing that some players pray not to have their period during Wimbledon and even resort to taking medication to skip it.

Starting with Wimbledon 2023, the new clothing rules will allow women’s tennis players to wear solid, mid/dark-colored undershorts, as long as they are not visible beyond the hemline. This means that they will no longer have to worry about possible underwear stains and can focus on their game instead.

This change is a positive step towards making tennis more accommodating for all athletes. Women’s bodies and needs should not be an obstacle to their performance, and Wimbledon’s decision to relax its clothing rules is a testament to that.


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