When words backfire: Halep’s criticism of Sharapova’s doping comes full circle


Be careful what you say, it may backfire. That’s exactly what Simona Halep didn’t do when she felt confident enough to criticize dopers amid the Maria Sharapova meldonium scandal. The Romanian’s criticising comments haven’t aged well, as she’s now facing not one but two doping charges.

Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova at the 2018 Shenzen Open

The Sharapova saga

Back in 2016, the tennis world was rocked by the Maria Sharapova doping scandal. To remind you, the five-time Grand Slam champion tested positive for meldonium during the 2016 Australian Open. Meldonium was suddenly added to the list of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on January 1, 2016. The substance was contained in a medication that Sharapova had been using for a legitimate health issue for years. Her agent Max Eisenbud failed to realize that meldonium had been added to the prohibited substances list and it was a very costly mistake.

It was during this tumultuous period that Simona Halep couldn’t resist voicing her disdain for athletes involved in doping controversies. Little did she know that fate had a twist in store for her.

Simona Halep of Romania

Halep’s critical strike

Following Sharapova’s two-year ban being reduced to 15 months, Halep boldly criticized the decision to grant the Russian a wildcard entry for the 2017 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. The Romanian raised concerns about the message it would send to aspiring athletes:

For the kids, for the young players, it is not okay to help a player with a wildcard who was banned for doping. It is not about Maria Sharapova here, but it is about all the players that are found doped. I cannot support what the tournament director did, but also, I cannot judge.

While Halep’s intentions were not bad, little did she realize the irony that awaited her down the road.

Plot twist: Halep faces doping charges

Fast forward to the present day, and the tennis world was left in shock when news broke that Simona Halep found herself facing doping charges. The Romanian tested positive for roxadustat at the 2022 US Open. Months later, she’s still awaiting the resolution of her case. To make matters even worse, while she’s expecting to prove her innocence, Halep is receiving another violation related to “irregularities in her Athlete Biological Passport (ABP).” The nightmare never seems to end!

The same athlete who once wagged her finger at dopers was now caught in the midst of her own doping storm. Talk about a surprising turn of events!

Maria Sharapova & Simona Halep meet at the net after their third-round match at the 2017 China Open tennis tournament

Lessons learned, shades of irony

Halep’s journey serves as a reminder that we should always be cautious of the words we speak, as they can come back to haunt us. The irony of her situation highlights the importance of empathy and understanding when it comes to the mistakes made by others. As the saying goes, “Walk a mile in their shoes,” for you never know when the tables may turn.


  1. Exept things are not at all how you portray them to be! So this click bait article is just that: click bait and fake.

  2. John, as you can see from Simona’s quote, she judged players accused of doping, I don’t know what you consider fake about the article as it is based on Simona’s clear statement.

  3. Either someone really powerful must really wanna destroy her or she did actually takes the drug, 2019 Wimbledon Final was suspicious, how the hell did she outpower Serena on her best surface? Highly suspicious

  4. Eugenie Bouchard: Never touched Top 100 Rank since her comment and self-proclaim hero to everyone who against Sharapova in Madrid 2017 and keeps floating in a 200-300 ranks until now.

    Kristina Mladenovic: Out of Top 100 rank as of now and never made to Grand Slam fourth round, let alone winning a WTA single title since her ill comments in Stuttgart 2017 towards Sharapova.

    Simona Halep: Well, the article says it all…

    NEVER MESS WITH SHARAPOVA…..In the end, Karma will get you and I guess through the years we all know who is winning….#sharapovaalltheway


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