When did Heather Watson and Courtney Duffus break up?


With Heather Watson‘s impressive run to the semifinals of the Rothesay Open Nottingham, the spotlight has once again turned to her love life. Although many have been curious about the British WTA player’s relationship with footballer Courtney Duffus, it should be pointed out that the couple ended their journey together in May 2022.

Heather Watson

Heather Watson’s romantic story started when she crossed paths with Courtney Duffus at a restaurant during the 2019 Wimbledon finals weekend. Initially skeptical about dating a soccer player, Watson’s preconceptions were shattered as she discovered Duffus’ calmness, level-headedness, and positive attitude. Life has a way of challenging our beliefs, and Watson found herself drawn to what she once resisted.

In October 2019, Watson and Duffus decided to share their blossoming love with the world. Through social media platforms, the couple proudly showcased their affection. Courtney captioned one of his photos with Heather as “What a woman,” while Heather reciprocated by praising him as a partner who treated her like a queen. During the coronavirus quarantine period, Watson and Duffus participated in entertaining TikTok trends, allowing fans to witness their playful and lighthearted moments.

While many hoped for a lasting love story, the photos and video clips with Duffus have vanished from Watson’s social media, signaling the end of their relationship. The details surrounding their breakup remain undisclosed, but sources claim that they parted ways in May 2022. As of now, Watson’s love life remains a mystery, leaving fans curious about her current romantic status.


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