Behind the scenes at Grand Slams: Player rates food, transport, gym, laundry services


Step into the world of professional tennis as Australian Daria Saville unveils her insightful comparisons of the four Grand Slam tournaments. From facilities to cuisine, transportation, and laundry services, the former WTA Top 20 player dissects each aspect to determine which tournament provides the ultimate player experience.

Daria Saville smiling
Daria Saville provides a unique player’s perspective on the services offered at tennis majors.

Player’s perspective: Rating the Grand Slams – Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US Open


When it comes to facilities, the Australian Open emerges as the crown jewel. Boasting top-of-the-line gyms, recovery areas, lounges, and treatment rooms, this tournament takes the lead. Following closely is the US Open, with Roland Garros taking third place. Wimbledon lags behind due to space constraints.

Locker rooms

Locker rooms are the prettiest at Wimbledon, the Australian Open follows, while Wimbledon and the US Open share the third place.

Victoria Azarenka eats at a tournament restaurant
Two-time Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka tastes food at a tennis tournament


The Australian Open reigns supreme in the culinary realm. The US Open and Roland Garros follow closely behind, while Wimbledon leaves players craving more flavorful experiences.


The Australian Open takes the lead by providing an exclusive player Uber app, whisking athletes anywhere they need to be. The US Open offers a similar convenience with its dedicated app. Wimbledon and Roland Garros find themselves sharing the third position.


Wimbledon not only boasts elegant locker rooms but also provides an exceptional on-site laundry service. In just 30 minutes, players receive their clothes fresh and ready for action. At the Australian Open, Saville prefers to handle laundry at home, leaving her unfamiliar with the Melbourne services. Roland Garros earns praise for its meticulous folding, while the US Open faces criticism for occasionally mishandling or misplacing players’ attire.


All Grand Slam tournaments offer noteworthy gifts, but the US Open steals Daria Saville’s heart with its captivating offerings.

Beauty bar

When it comes to pampering, Melbourne’s beauty bar stands out as an exclusive haven for players. At Roland Garros, the beauty bar’s location within the women’s locker room creates a serene atmosphere. The US Open and Wimbledon secure the third and fourth positions, respectively. (source: Tennis Forum)


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