What is the US Open prize money? Celebrating equality in 2023.


The 2023 US Open will award $65 million in total player compensation for the first time, over 8% increase from last year’s $60 million. The prize money model strives to provide all players with significant payouts, regardless of when they lose at the tournament. What’s more, the Grand Slam is celebrating 50th anniversary from becoming the first sporting event in history to offer equal prize money to men and women.

Players who are eliminated from the Round of 128 in the main draw singles will now be granted $81,500, marking a substantial 44% rise compared to the $58,000 awarded in 2019. Simultaneously, singles champions will secure $3 million in prize money, signifying a 15% surge from the $2.6 million received in 2022.

Participants in the US Open qualifying rounds will see notable increases in their earnings: $22,000 for the first round, $34,500 for the second round, and $45,000 for the final round. These figures represent impressive growth rates of 100%, 92%, and 41% respectively since 2019.

In addition, the 2023 US Open offers further player expense assistance. There will be a significant increase in player per diem for all competitors, with the introduction of travel vouchers of $1,000 for the first time, as well as an additional hotel room for all players (or a doubling of player hotel allotment from $300 to $600 per day if the player chooses to lodge at another accommodation). Moreover, players will see an increase in meal allowance as well as racquet stringing for all players.

2023 US Open prize money for main draw singles

Champion $3,000,000
Runner-up $1,500,000
Semifinalists $775,000
Quarterfinalists $455,000
Round of 16 $284,000
Round of 32 $191,000
Round of 64 $123,000
Round of 128 $81,500

2023 US Open prize money for main draw doubles (per team)

Champions $700,000
Runners-up $350,000
Semifinalists $180,000
Quarterfinalists $100,000
Round of 16 $58,000
Round of 32 $36,800
Round of 64 $22,000


  1. The US Open still awards less than 20% of their profits to the players. Other sports award players about 50% if their profits. Tennis needs to provide a living for at least the top 300 players.

  2. The conversation around fair compensation for athletes, especially for those beyond the top ranks, is essential for the continued development and success of tennis. People often only see the glamorous side of biggest stars, not realizing how much lower ranked players are still struggling to make ends meet.


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