Kimberly Birrell wears Elite Eleven, a new brand in the tennis fashion world


Australian player Kimberly Birrell is promoting a new sportswear and fitness apparel company on the Hologic WTA Tour — Melbourne-based Elite Eleven.

Kimberly Birrell at the 2024 Australian Open
Kimberly Birrell sports Elite Eleven in the first round of the 2024 Australian Open

Founded in mid-2014 by childhood friends Lisandro Paz and Benn Martiniello, Elite Eleven emerged with a simple yet ambitious mission—to create apparel they genuinely wanted to wear. Drawing upon their shared vision, the duo invested their savings of $20,000, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. Rapid success ensued, particularly with their acclaimed joggers.

In 2018, Elite Eleven marked a significant milestone with the launch of their first women’s range. The brand has maintained a steadfast commitment to expanding its product offerings, including a focus on tennis. Notably, Australian Alexandra Bozovic became the first professional tennis player to join the Elite Eleven team. Bozovic played a pivotal role in the development of the company’s inaugural tenniswear collection.

The most recent addition to the Elite Eleven family is Kimberly Birrell, an accomplished Australian player who achieved a notable No.100 WTA ranking in September 2023. Birrell promoted Elite Eleven attire during her first-round match against Jelena Ostapenko this week at the 2024 Australian Open, showcasing an ensemble featuring a yellow sleeveless top paired with a white pleated skirt. The design bears a resemblance to the sophisticated aesthetics typically associated with a brand like Lacoste.


In our tennis era 😍

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Looking at the Elite Eleven website, we can notice a vibe similar to Kim Kardashian’s Skims, the aesthetic popular at the moment. Co-founder Benn Martiniello shared insights into the brand’s color palette, emphasizing the prevailing trend of monochromatic tones, notably popular in the fashion landscape of Melbourne. The color spectrum spans from classic black, greys, and white to earthy tones like khaki brown, slate, and charcoal.


  1. CLT, at first glance I thought it was Lacoste, they evoke the same vibe. I’m looking forward to seeing more outfits in the future to get a clearer picture about their style and direction. So far so good.


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