Tennis star Pavlyuchenkova kisses boyfriend and praises his luxe pajamas fashion


Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova‘s boyfriend is attracting attention at tennis tournaments with his luxe pajamas fashion and painted nails. His bold outfits have earned the stamp of approval from his girlfriend, who appreciates his unique and expressive approach to style.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova with her boyfriend at the 2024 Qatar TotalEnergies Open in Doha

This week at the Qatar TotalEnergies Open, Pavlyuchenkova was often spotted in the presence of her partner. Photographer Jimmie48 captured the lovely off-court moments of the couple kissing, laughing, and chatting.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova kisses her boyfriend at the 2024 Qatar TotalEnergies Open in Doha

When photographer Jimmie48 shared a photo of Pavlyuchenkova and her boyfriend on the social network X, he referred to him as “the biggest fashion legend in all of tennis.” Pavlyuchenkova reposted the photo with the caption “He is” along with the smiling face with heart-eyes and raising hands emojis.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova talks to her boyfriend at the 2024 Qatar TotalEnergies Open in Doha

While Pavlyuchenkova is wearing her Lacoste tennis apparel, her boyfriend indulges in ensembles that resemble luxurious satin pajamas, as well as bold, colorful Hawaii-style shirts paired with linen pants. He obviously values comfort and is not afraid to be eccentric, yet he also likes to appear expensive, so he is always dressed like he’s lounging and waiting for his breakfast to be served on his yacht.

The guy also boasts an array of tattoos on his arms, featuring a rose, praying hands, and the word “terrible,” among many other inks. Additionally, he flaunts black nail polish and complements his looks with a ring and what appears to be a Patek Philippe luxury watch.

Pavlyuchenkova's boyfriend tattoos and painted nails

You might think that his luxe leisure style was just for Doha, but no, he always dresses this way. For example, in August, the couple attended the Taste of Tennis event at Gotham Hall, both sporting pajama outfits and showcasing their compatibility. Moreover, in a New Year’s photo from Auckland, posted by the Russian athlete on Instagram, her man was seen dressed in this same colorful palm-tree shirt.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova smiles at her boyfriend at the 2024 Qatar TotalEnergies Open in Doha

The presence of her partner in Doha seemed to have a positive impact on Pavlyuchenkova, as the world No.32 reached her first hard-court semifinal at a WTA 1000 event in 14 years. Her previous hard-court semifinal at that level was at the 2009 BNP Paribas Open when she was just 17 years old.

Anastasia Palvyuchenkova with her boyfriend in Doha

“I have never played good in Qatar, so I always thought conditions were not, like, good for me and for some reason I never felt good playing here, and especially at this level event in these conditions,” Pavlyuchenkova explained why the result is particularly special to her. “So now I’m just actually really proud of this even more.”

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