Ex-wife rules out suicide: Sabalenka’s boyfriend was drunk, fatal fall was an accident

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Monday’s sudden death of Aryna Sabalenka‘s boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov shocked the world, leading to several theories circulating in the media regarding the cause. Initial reports suggested a blood clot, then it was said to be a suicide, while the latest development comes from Koltsov’s ex-wife Julija Mihailova who claims the cause of death was an accident.

Sabalenka with boyfriend Koltsov

Latvia-born Mihailova, who resides in the USA and is close to the location of the accident, believes that Koltsov’s death was not intentional. According to her interview with Zerkalo, Koltsov was intoxicated and accidentally fell from the balcony of the skyscraper hotel:

Most likely, he was very drunk. Unfortunately, hockey players are sometimes guilty of this. Empty alcohol bottles were found in the room where Konstantin stayed. There was a balcony overlooking the ocean.

She pointed out that Koltsov had made bookings for further accommodation and rented a car for an extended period, indicating that he had plans beyond that day:

We still have the old family computer with Konstantin’s email. I knew the passwords and managed to open some emails. Konstantin had further apartments booked in another location. Purchases that have not yet arrived have been paid for. Rented a car for a long time. That is, he did not intend to die. Anything, of course, can go to your head, but there was no sign of tragedy.

The tragedy has deeply affected Mihailova’s older sons, Daniel and Alexander, who are 18 and 16 years old, as they are fully aware of the circumstances. On the other hand, Stefan, the five-year-old, believes that his father is now in heaven.

Despite past tensions, Mihailova expressed that her feelings towards Sabalenka have evolved and that she now considers her a good person. She recalled a post from four years ago where she called out Sabalenka for being involved with Koltsov, but she clarified that it was driven by emotions and pain at the time:

Nice girl. My post a few years ago was dictated by emotions, it was very painful. I loved Konstantin very much… But Sabalenka treated my children well, so I have a normal attitude towards her.

Koltsov will be laid to rest in his birth country of Belarus.

Aryna Sabalenka at the 2024 BNP Paribas Open

In the midst of this tragedy, Sabalenka has shown resilience by choosing to compete at the Miami Open. She is set to face her best friend Paula Badosa in the tournament’s second round on Friday.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Two days after Koltsov’s passing, Aryna Sabalenka makes a shocking revelation that he was actually her ex-boyfriend at the time of the tragedy.


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