Wimbledon champion Vondrousova is getting a divorce


Reigning Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova has revealed that she is getting a divorce from her husband Stepan Simek, after not even two years of marriage. The couple, who had known each other since childhood, announced their engagement three years ago and tied the knot in July 2022.

Marketa Vondrousova

The 24-year-old Vondrousova, who also won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, has faced a series of challenges in recent weeks. In addition to the breakdown of her marriage, she has also suffered the loss of her beloved grandfather. Vondrousova withdrew from the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells in March to fly home and see her grandfather one last time.

When asked about her recent experiences, Vondrousova shared, “I’m definitely not having a happy time in the last few weeks. My marriage with Stepan ended a few weeks ago, we broke up. He moved out of the shared apartment. Even with a cat. Now we’re all single and we don’t have anyone.”

Marketa Vondrousova

Reflecting on the end of her marriage, Vondrousova explained, “It just didn’t work out for us. It wasn’t what we both imagined, so we agreed not to be together anymore. Now we are formally resolving the divorce, but we have agreed on everything.”

Despite their short marriage, Vondrousova and Simek shared a relationship that spanned over eight years. Vondrousova continues to cherish the memories of their wedding, as she still keeps her wedding photos on Instagram. Additionally, her bio on the platform continues to read Marketa Simkova (Vondrousova). (source: Blesk.cz)


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