Tennis player robbed in Spain AGAIN


Professional tennis player Maria Timofeeva faced a distressing situation while in Spain for the Mutua Madrid Open tournament. After being robbed in Spain six months ago, the world No.99 returned to the country only to find herself the victim of a robbery once again, leaving her shaken and seeking advice from her followers on social media.

Maria Timofeeva Instagram story screenshot

The 20-year-old Timofeeva took to her Instagram story to share the unfortunate news, revealing that she had been robbed of a significant amount of money. “I’ve been robbed, again!” she shared, expressing her shock and disbelief at the situation.

The incident occurred over a few days while Timofeeva was in Madrid, with the thief making unauthorized purchases totaling over 10,000 euros using her bank account. The purchases were made in Madrid, in the area where the WTA player is staying. Timofeeva expressed her confusion, as she believed her card was always in her possession, except for one instance when she left it in her hotel room while it was being cleaned.

Maria Timofeeva

Despite the need for a confirmation code for online purchases, Timofeeva did not receive any texts for such transactions, further adding to her confusion. “This is getting out of control,” she lamented, highlighting the recurrence of such incidents whenever she visits Spain.

Timofeeva’s debit card was blocked by her bank only after the substantial amount had been spent, as the bank had limited communication options and did not contact her sooner. She clarified that she did not use ATMs during her stay and only used her card at the official hotel of the tournament to pay for her coach’s room.

In response to the theft, Timofeeva plans to file a report with the police, hoping for a resolution to the situation. She also reached out to her followers for advice, particularly from those who may have experienced similar circumstances.


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