Wimbledon doubles prize money in 10 years, new record set in 2024


The All England Club has made a groundbreaking announcement for The Championships 2024: the total prize money fund has reached an unprecedented £50 million, which is a 100% increase compared to 2014 when the tournament offered £25 million.
Wimbledon prize money 2024

Record prizes for singles champions

In a thrilling boost for the top competitors, the gentlemen’s and ladies’ singles champions will each receive £2.7 million, with the runners-up taking home £1.4 million. All stages of the singles competition have seen notable increases from the previous year, from a 19.2% increase for the semifinalists who will receive £715,000 each to a 9.1% increase for first-round participants who are guaranteed £60,000.

Significant increases in doubles, wheelchair and qualifying events

The enhancements are not limited to the singles matches. The ladies’ and gentlemen’s doubles prize money fund has been increased by 11.9%, reflecting Wimbledon’s commitment to all forms of the sport.

One of the most notable increases is in the wheelchair tennis events. The singles and doubles draws for wheelchair tennis will expand to 16 players and eight teams, respectively. The prize money for the wheelchair and quad wheelchair events has been set at £1 million, marking a historic moment for the sport at Wimbledon.

The Qualifying Competition allocation has risen by 14.9%, ensuring that players striving to enter the main draws are also rewarded for their efforts. This includes substantial increases in each round of the qualifying matches, providing more support for emerging talents:

  • Third round qualifiers will see an 11.1% increase.
  • Second round qualifiers will earn 14.9% more.
  • First round qualifiers will receive 17.6% more.

Doubling the rewards in a decade

Over the past decade, Wimbledon’s total prize money has doubled, rising from £25 million in 2014 to the current £50 million. This remarkable growth reflects both the increasing popularity of the tournament and the All England Club’s dedication to supporting the players financially.

Comments from the All England Club Chair

Deborah Jevans, Chair of the All England Club, expressed her enthusiasm about the record prize money fund:

“With this year’s Championships only days away, I am delighted to announce a record prize money fund of £50 million, with increases for players in every round and across every event. I am particularly pleased that we have been able to increase prize money for the wheelchair and quad wheelchair competitions to £1 million for the first time.”

Jevans also highlighted the unprecedented demand for Wimbledon tickets, emphasizing the tournament’s growing popularity. She noted that a successful Championships enables the club to give back to the sport, the local community, and to invest strategically for the future.


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