Wimbledon increases Ladies’ Champion’s purse by 12%

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This year, Wimbledon will give male and female players equal amount of money, and more money than ever before! “No tennis tournament has ever offered higher prize money than Wimbledon in 2007,” claimed Tim Phillips, Chairman of the All England Club and The Championships. The 25 June-8 July tournament will have an overall fund of £11,282,71 — 8,7% higher than last year.

Winner of Wimbledon 2007 will take home much more money than last year’s winner. Amelie Mauresmo took the trophy in 2006 and earned £625,000 — £30,000 less than her male counterpart Roger Federer. This year, both Men’s and Ladies’ Champion will receive £700,000.

Wimbledon made this change, along with some other changes, to reward the players appropriately for the talent, entertainment and drama they bring to this prestigious grass court tournament.


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