Jelena Jankovic to cut down on tournaments after Wimbledon


Jankovic has been playing a lot of tournaments this year, and I’ve discussed this issue two times already — in posts “Should Jankovic have skipped Strasbourg?” and “Jankovic could have done without Ordina Open” (so, for details check out these two posts).

Adam Lincoln on Wimbledon website has also discussed this topic saying: “She maintains a hectic playing schedule, far busier than any other top 10 player, but how long can Jelena Jankovic keep it up?” In the second part of the article, it is stated that Jankovic is planning to go on a holiday after Wimbledon, while in the second half of the year she will have a more relaxed timetable.

“I am quite tired now,” world No. 3 Jankovic said. “I think I’ve reached close to my limit. But after Wimbledon, I will have a vacation, maybe three weeks off and be able to recover my body. In the second half of the season, I will play a lot less. It will be good for me, for sure.”

About her playing almost every tournament Jankovic said: “I’ve really given my best, and I feel like I’m becoming a machine. Each time I come on court, sometimes I have pain, I’m tired, but I have learned to deal with all this, and somehow to find a way to win, even though I don’t feel that great.

“It’s just this challenge that I like. I like competing and I want to be the best in the world. That’s my goal.”


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