Maria Sharapova detained by police at London airport


Here’s a story of what happened to Maria Sharapova at the airport in London.

Maria had been using num chucks to strengthen her shoulders, and she completely forgot that they were left in her tennis bag. Going through the security at the airport she was asked what she had in the tennis bag, and she didn’t name the num chucks, having no idea they were in the bag.

When they got the num chucks out, everyone started laughing except for the security guy, who was deadly serious saying ‘oh I got to call the police because this is an illegal weapon’. Then, after 30 minutes, two police officers arrived. One of them looked at Maria’s passport and asked her if she spoke English. At that moment she thought she was screwed. But then, luckily, the other one recognized her, and asked her for an explanation. After a fifth explanation, he said via walkie-talkie ‘we’ve got tennis player Maria Sharapova here, she had num chucks in her bag which she uses for training, can we just let her go without filing a report?’. After the conversation, he released her saying ‘Have a nice flight’.

Read the full story at Maria Sharapova’s website.



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