Lindsay Davenport considers comeback after birth of first child


Lindsay Davenport has been out of action since the end of last year, awaiting the birth of her first child. On June 10 she gave birth to her son Jagger, and now she’s planning to get back to the pro tour, being especially eager to play in next year’s Beijing Olympics.

The 31-year-old Davenport will play her first match since September on Saturday in World Team Tennis.

“It’s been so much fun preparing. I’ve been hitting with my husband.”

She will bring her son and other family members to the weekend team match in Sacramento.

“I’m hoping he’ll bring me even more joy on the road and more fun,” she said. “The challenge for me is about balancing everything. I totally understand the working mom’s guilt. If I go practice, I feel bad.”

The good thing is that Davenport has the full support of her husband: “He thinks it’s great; he’s totally encouraging me to do whatever I want.” (via Herald Tribune)


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