Jankovic criticizes Sharapova for lack of titles in 2007

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Two-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova needs to win more titles if she wants to silence the critics. In 2007 the 20-year-old Russian has been victorious at only one tournament, the Acura Classic in San Diego.

“She’s still the No. 2 player in the world, and only winning one title is not something I think you should see from the No. 2 player in the world,” Jelena Jankovic, who is ranked one spot behind Sharapova, said Monday.

Sharapova didn’t agree with Jankovic’s assessment.

“The rankings are done based on tournaments,” the Russian said.

“I definitely deserve to be No.2. I’ve won two Grand Slams. I’m ranked No. 2 and she is ranked No. 3, and that’s based on criteria that has been in place for years.”

I have to agree with Sharapova on this one, even though Jankovic is one of my favorite players. Those are the rules of the ranking system, and I don’t see much logic in JJ’s comment. She should focus on her own game, and do her best to take Sharapova’s place. In addition, Jankovic has probably forgotten that Sharapova has been struggling with a shoulder injury for a long time.

Maybe Jankovic is just jealous, or a bit angry, that despite winning four titles in 2007 (Auckland, Charleston, Rome, Birmingham), she is still 567 points behind Sharapova. But why would she be annoyed when she has more than great prospects of becoming world No. 2, or even No. 1? (via Daily News)

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  1. Sharapova is the deserved No. 2 based on rankings points. However, this ranking system has always come into question, particularly the years Martina Hingis stayed #1 without winning a single Grand Slam.

    The rankings, I believe, are really based on consistency and number of tournaments played (a supposed way to get the players to enter more tournaments) and not quality wins.

    If it were based on quality wins, Serena and Venus would certainly be above Sharapova, along with Jankovic. But Sharapova is rightfully the No. 2 player in the world based on the current system.

    I do like that Jankovic made the comment – we need more players to speak their minds, right or wrong!


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