Why did Sharapova attend the Fed Cup final?

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Members of Russia’s winning Fed Cup team have questioned the motives of Maria Sharapova who attended the final against Italy to show her support.

Maria Sharapova has never played Fed Cup for Russia, having had her injuries as a reason, but she has always underlined that she wants to play for her native country. But is Sharapova telling the truth? Many people believe that the 20-year-old from Siberia is just making herself available for Fed Cup in order to be eligible to play at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Kuznetsova, whose victory brought Russia third Fed Cup title on Sunday, made an interesting statement:

“She said she wanted to be our practice partner but if you can’t play how then can you practice?”

When asked about Sharapova’s role as a supporter, the world number two replied: “Oh please, don’t ask me that question again. I had enough already.”

However, whatever Maria Sharapova is doing it’s thoroughly planned, and she knows that it’s for her own good. Even though her team-mates aren’t convinced, Sharapova did score important points with the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

“Her presence in Moscow certainly didn’t hurt,” an ITF official told Reuters on Sunday.

“She was injured and couldn’t play, but by being here she clearly demonstrated her commitment to the Fed Cup and that will certainly enhance her chances (of playing at next year’s Olympics). It’s a big plus for her.” (via BBC)

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  1. There is a lot of discussion going on in Russian media. I watched Kuzy’s interview on Russian TV and she couldn’t help but show her “mild disappointment.” I think the Russian team thinks it is somewhat unfair not to play a single match for Russia and then show up at the final and share the credit and the glory. Obviously, Sharapova has her own marketing and professional reasons to do so.

    Nice site by the way!


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