Oops, Jankovic enters Henin’s hotel room in Stuttgart


Not a surprise, Jelena Jankovic got into another silly situation. This time it included Justine Henin, the only tennis player JJ has no idea how to beat.

What happened? Jankovic and Henin have been staying in the same hotel during the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, and Jankovic has mistaken her room for Henin’s.

“It was so funny,” Jankovic said after her latest defeat to the Belgian. “I was tired the other night and our rooms are next to each other and when I tried the door my card wouldn’t work.

“I knocked and walked in and there was Justine, and I said: ‘What are you doing in my room?’

“I’d got the wrong one but I thought I could go up there last night with a plate of fruit from room service, just to do something to distract her.”

Jankovic seems to be in search of some alternative method to finally defeat Henin, but, at the moment, nothing can beat those killing forehands and backhands of the world number one. (source: Reuters)


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