FROM OUR SPONSOR: Own the Zone Band Vibration Dampeners for Tennis and other Racquet Sports

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Own the Zone Band Vibration Dampeners for Tennis and other Racquet SportsWe have a new sponsor on the site. It’s Own the Zone, which makes band vibration dampeners for tennis and other racquet sports. Don’t worry, I won’t turn Women’s Tennis Blog into all-sponsored content site, but hey – I gotta make a living. 😉

Anyway, on with the message…

You can significantly improve your training experience with one simple thing – Own the Zone Band Vibration Dampener.

Why and how were OTZ band vibration dampeners developed?

Necessity is the mother of invention. David Marcus and Julius Stockfish have been tennis buddies for years. At one point, David developed a severe case of tennis elbow, so his friend advised him to use a standard elastic band, instead the grommet/plug type of vibration dampener, to help absorb the string and racquet vibration. Realizing that despite its advantages, a simple office stationery rubber band wasn’t designed for the rigors of the tennis court, the two friends set about redesigning it to ensure that it could live up to the strenuous demands of the game. David and Julius started working on a product which would combine all the benefits and simplicity of the original simple elastic band, but with considerably improved performance. That’s how the Own the Zone band vibration dampeners came into existence.

Why are OTZ band vibration dampeners so special?
They are made from a special compound that dampens vibration 35-45% better than ordinary elastic bands. They absorb maximum initial shock and quickly dissipate the impact vibrations on the strings and the racquet. The bows of the OTZ band, which are not attached to the racquet, transfer vibration energy away from the strings and the racquet frame into the air. No other vibration dampener on the market performs this dual function. Also, unlike ordinary bands, OTZ bands won’t quickly dry out in the sun, lose their elasticity or crack after repeated use. Additionally, they don’t have a tendency to fly off or become detached from the racquets. And last but not least, you can chose between eight different colors!

Who sports elastic/rubber band vibration dampeners?

Tennis pros such as Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick, and Andre Agassi.

Who sports OTZ band vibration dampeners?

Several up and coming junior players around the world.


In January 2007, Tennis Warehouse Australia called Own the Zone the “World’s Best Vibration Dampener.” “We’ve tested them here at TWA and believe they are the best dampener we’ve ever tried. The difference is impressive” writes Wesley Fry, Owner of Tennis Warehouse Australia. “A vibration dampener should be light so it doesn’t change the balance of the racquet. It should also adequately dampen the vibrations. The Own the Zone band does both superbly and importantly won’t fly off your racquet.”

Lynne Rolley, former USTA coach of Jennifer Capriati, Pam Shriver and Lindsay Davenport and current Director of the Berkeley Tennis Club says, “The Own the Zone band vibration dampeners are very popular with both the women and kids that play tennis at our club. They really like hitting with these dampeners and think the different colors are great.”

Where can I buy OTZ band vibration dampeners?

They are available in tennis pro shops and specialty stores throughout the United States and overseas. Prominent U.S. customers include the TBarM Racquet Club in Dallas, Midtown Tennis Club in Chicago, the Darling Memorial Tennis Center in Las Vegas, Just Tennis in San Diego, Biscayne Tennis in Miami Beach, the Van der Meer Tennis Resort and Academy on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch. Internationally, the OTZ band vibration dampeners are available at Tennis Warehouse Australia, PWP Sportbase in the UK, the Clark Francis Tennis Academy in Dubai, Atlantis Sports in Israel and Sportsprises 79 in Malaysia. To order online and receive more information go to the website at or write to


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