hard court tennis shoes

Hard court tennis: Why players have to master the hard surface.

Tennis coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog, explains why it is crucial for players to develop their hard court tennis skills. Marcin is currently looking for new career opportunities, so if you...
Margaret Court

5 major reasons Margaret Court is an untouchable immortal

Margaret Court is largely considered the Greatest of All Time in women's tennis, but what exactly makes her such an incredibly untouchable immortal? In recent times, Margaret Court has been the center of controversy for...
best white tennis shoes women

The best white tennis shoes for women

Are you looking for the best white tennis shoes for women? This guide will help you find the right fit by selecting top-performing models that are available in the color white and explaining their...

The ultimate guide to tennis balls

We all know that choosing the right tennis shoes and racquet significantly impacts our game, but the importance of tennis balls should not be overlooked. Not all tennis balls are the same and picking...

What is a tennis elbow?

This is a guest post by Daniel, the author of Total Health Blog. The majority of injuries in sports can be attributed to overuse. In tennis, for example, it is the consistent swinging motion that...

Finland’s Marimekko and Germany’s Adidas drop exclusive women’s tennis apparel and shoes

Finish lifestyle brand Marimekko and German sportwear giant Adidas have released their Fall/Winter 2021 collection inspired by never-ending movements of nature. The versatile activewear spans from tennis, swimwear, and cycling to shoes and accessories. For...

Asics takes a look back at heritage styles for the New Strong ’92 collection

Inspired by their 1992 catalog, Asics updates their vintage designs to suit contemporary game and equip modern women with styles that transition from tennis to off-court activities with ease. This post contains affiliate links. I...

Tennis variety: Do you really need it? This will help you decide!

Tennis coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog, explains why focusing solely on power and speed can hamper your results and why developing variety can vastly improve your performance. Marcin is currently looking for new...

Tennis coach explains: Step-by-step process to change bad habits in your game

Tennis coach Marcin Bieniek, founder of Enjoy Tennis Blog, explains the importance of proper repetition to create good tennis habits and also breaks down into steps the process of ditching bad habits that you've...

Is women’s tennis more popular than men’s tennis? Google stats answer the question.

Comparing terms "women's tennis" and "men's tennis", the ladies score better when it comes to the number of Google searches in the United States. I find this statistic interesting, so I decided to dig...
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