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Jelena Jankovic is a player whose statements very often make me laugh or sometimes confuse me. Many times I just thought why hadn’t she kept her mouth shut, but after all, I’m used to Jelena’s personality and I will always like and understand her.

Since her statements are at the moment most inspiring of all the WTA players, I have been collecting them for a few months from a variety of sources, and decided to publish them today. I’ve been reading many articles and interviews every day, and whenever I found some funny quote of J.J., I took note of it. So, here’s my modest collection:

After losing to Ana Ivanovic at this year’s East West Bank Classic Jankovic said: “I felt like I was playing against a guy, the way her serves were coming at me. It’s sometimes scary, and when she starts to scream, I’m like, Come on. She’s quite a powerful, big girl.”

The next two quotes are from an interview for the New York Times: IF YOU COULD HAVE A SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? “To be able to turn invisible. Wouldn’t that be cool? Just think of all the places I could go unnoticed.

FUNNIEST OR MOST EMBARRASSING THING TO HAPPEN TO YOU ON THE COURT “Some of the angles that photographers get on court are not always flattering.” Hehe, I’ve always wondered how players handle such images of themselves.

At the US Open 2007, after waiting for eight hours to begin her match against Sybille Bammer, Jakovic said: “Being here all day, I was quite exhausted – I had to drink coffee before the match to stay awake.”

Jelena on the group of her supporters, sometimes called The J.J. Block, after her loss to Venus Williams in US Open quarterfinals: DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A PLAYER WHO THRIVES ON SUPPORTERS? “I love when I have a lot of supporters. They were asking, What am I talking to the crowd? They go like, Jelena, we love your smile. I’m like, But, yeah, it doesn’t help me return her serve (laughter). It’s always funny. It’s quite entertaining.”

Haha, I especially like this one. Jelena talks about her turn of luck in 2007: “Since then I started to get better and better, and who knows, but if I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, if I didn’t win a few matches in Rome, maybe I wouldn’t be here right now, maybe I would be, you know, who knows, in my university, with thousands of books, reading, becoming a genius (laugh).”

After losing to Lindsay Davenport in Bali, Jankovic said: “I didn’t train much and it’s tough to get motivated here. But it’s OK, now I can finally go to the beach.”

And last but not least funny Jankovic’s quote: “I didn’t want to play but my mother forced me.”


  1. Ha, ha. It is the beauty of speaking English as a learned language. It is a pity you would have less memorable quotes as her English becomes more polished.

  2. Jerry, glad to see you around.

    And you Diane, don’t worry, people read only the first and the last part of words anyway (and you got those right).


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