Billie Jean King believes Martina Hingis didn’t take drugs


In an interview for Reuters, tennis great Billie Jean King revealed her opinion about Martina Hingis’ failed drug test.

“It just doesn’t make sense… it’s just not her,” said King, a player who has been involved with tennis for almost half a century.

She was going to retire anyway. I do believe Martina Hingis. If she says she hasn’t taken it, I believe it.

“Maybe she went out to a party… and others had dope around and leave it on tables and if you get it on your hands and maybe you ingest it and you don’t even know. There are so many possibilities now. It’s just not in Hingis’s character. I’d stand by her.”

Additional info: In the same interview Billie Jean King paid tribute to Justine Henin’s fantastic year saying that Henin is “the best for her size ever to have lived”.

Read the full interview here.


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