Billie Jean King believes match-fixing is more probable in men’s tennis


Men’s tennis has been hit by a series of match-fixing allegations in 2007, however, tennis legend Billie Jean King doesn’t believe that the phenomenon exists in women’s tennis mainly because there is much less money in women’s game.

Asked if she had heard of any women players who had been offered money to throw a match, the American said: “Absolutely not, not even one.”

“Men make more money so maybe they (the match-fixers) go there first. People follow the money in sports. In the ’60s nobody cared because there wasn’t any money.”

Still, the 63-year-old King is aware of the fact that players can get involved in these illegal actions if they want to.

“No one is ever immune. You can fix anything in sport if you want. You definitely could do it and that’s why we have to have honor and integrity,” she said.

Current world number one Justine Henin has also never witnessed any activities related to match-fixing, but declared that she would give life bans to those caught cheating.


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