Justine Henin supports life bans for match-fixing

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Justine Henin wants tennis to be clean and therefore wouldn’t give a second chance to players caught match-fixing. However, even though tennis has been hit by a series of match-fixing allegations recently, the 25-year-old Belgian has never witnessed such activities herself.

“I am zero tolerance about that. It is very important and this kind of thing should not happen,” said world No.1 Henin.

“It’s pretty sad,” she added. “I can tell you I have never heard anything or no-one ever came to me, but if we talk about that it means it probably exists in the sport.

“It’s not easy to find out what happened and if it happened because we have no proof about that at this time, but it is like doping for me – it is not more important or less important.

“The tour is doing a great job and we want to keep (tennis) a healthy sport.” (source: BBC)


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