Justine Henin’s main goal to win Wimbledon, her coach worked out tactics


World number one Justine Henin has always claimed that she would prefer another Roland Garros title over winning Wimbledon. However, her opinion has changed, and when asked “A fifth Roland Garros or a first Wimbledon?” she replied “Wimbledon!” without hesitation.

Henin’s coach, Carlos Rodriguez, has prepared a plan, some tactical and psychological changes, which will enable the Belgian to win the only Grand Slam title she misses.

Justine’s father Jose said: “Carlos is right about the way to go for a better Justine next year. He is going to make her more and more positive, stronger in the head. She will be going to the net much more so that she can feel more comfortable making volleys. Wimbledon is the goal.”

Even though Henin is the best female tennis player the world has at the moment, she feels there is room for improvement. “I think I can still improve a lot, in my attitude especially,” said the 25-year-old Belgian. “I have to keep improving my aggressive game, moving forward and taking my opportunities.” (sources: Daily Mail, Reuters)


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