Justine Henin pregnant with second child


Belgian baby boom: Just days after Kim Clijsters gave birth to her third child, her fellow tennis legend and countrywoman Justine Henin reveals on Facebook that she’ll have her second child in the spring of 2017.


Henin’s first child is a girl named Lalie, who was born in March 2013. Pregnancy didn’t make Henin rush to get married, so she tied the knot with her partner Benoit Bertuzzo in 2015, about three and a half years into their relationship.

Clijsters leads Henin 13-12 in their career matches, let’s see if she’ll also keep the lead in their baby rivalry. 🙂


  1. Amazing! Is it really true that Clijsters leeds 13-12?? Hard to believe since all my memories are connected to all these GS finals when Clijsters lost, choking. Henin was just one of a kind.

  2. Claire, yes, it’s true! 🙂 Also, they played 8 Grand Slam matches, Henin leads 5-3, but she’s won all their GS finals.

  3. Clisters having the lead is not unbelievable at all. I’ve been a tennis fan since I was a kid, and that’s the way I remember it. It was such a thrill when the two of them would compete. “Go, Kim! Congrats, Justine! Well done, both of you!”


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