Justine Henin secretly weds her long-time partner Benoit Bertuzzo


Justine Henin was in no rush to get married and in no need for media attention. About three and a half years after starting dating and about two years after having their child, daughter named Lalie, the queen of one-handed backhand and her partner Benoit Bertuzzo tied the knot in a private ceremony in Corsica. According to Belgian media, the wedding took place back in October 2014! Precisely, on October 25th.

This is the seven-time Grand Slam champion’s second marriage. The Belgian divorced Pierre-Yves Hardenne in 2007, after four and a half years of marriage, and the ex congratulated her now, saying he’s happy for her.

Here are the 32-year-old Henin’s thoughts on love and marriage (this is my translation from French):

I’ve never said that I would never remarry! It’s not that because it didn’t work once that we don’t have the right on the second chance. I can’t imagine not being married to the father of my little girl. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I believe in marriage.

Congratulations, Justine! This is a wonderful addition to our WTA Players and their Love Partners page.


  1. Emman Damian, and it’s great that she’s very optimistic after one failed marriage. It was a long time ago, but still.

    She seems to have found her happiness.

  2. I’m. A bit traditional too. Having a great family will always matter at the end of the day. You want to get all the moral support you need especially when raising a child. Congrats to Justine!

  3. Tennis Island, Henin has definitely been one of the greatest players ever. Her precise groundstrokes, especially her gracious backhand, as well as her movement, have been missed in women’s tennis.

  4. Miss you SO MUCH, Champion! So happy you are now enjoying your personal life being a happy mother and wife, though. 🙂 Your fighting spirit and determination made us live the most electrifying moments every time you took on the tennis court…! I still watch your matches every day – can’t seem to get over your departure, still.. Your tennis has brought deep inspiration to my personal life on so many different level. You are, and always will be, our CHAMPION! My most sincere admiration! 🙂


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