Channel your anger, don’t break your racquet, why?

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Without doubt, it’s very common these days to see flying racquets in the middle of matches. TC of the Tennis Country reflects on the fact that some players are more likely to break their racquets when angry, while some manage to channel their frustrations in good ways. Why coaches of the rising tennis pros and current professional players should pay attention to this aspect of the game?

TC mentions Maria Sharapova and Justine Henin as good examples. Rather than wasting energy on breaking a racquet, they focus on fighting for the next point. Unfortunately, people tend to remember all the bad examples better, so if you asked me, I could instantly make a list of players who I remember broke, or even destroyed, their racquet, but it’s not easy for me to say whom I’ve never seen do this. So, if you have someone to add to Sharapova and Henin, please do so. We definitely should give credit to that part of the game too.

Why is this so important? First of all, tennis pros are role models for kids all over the world. And secondly, doesn’t it seem arrogant to break such an expensive racquet? To me, yes. Supposedly, Rafael Nadal’s uncle and coach, Toni Nadal, said that Rafa has never broken a tennis racquet because he understands that most kids buy their racquets and only have one. Therefore, Rafa learned that he should never break one of his many free racquets. That’s sensible.

I can imagine that it’s not easy for all the players to always control their behavior, we all have different personalities, but they should always have in mind the consequences of their actions and the message they are sending.


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