Jelena Jankovic underwent nose surgery; will play in Belgrade

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World number three Jelena Jankovic is now in Miami, recovering from a complex surgery she underwent in order to put an end to her breathing problems. Jankovic was having trouble breathing during matches, which became most prominent during the last few tournaments of the season. The surgery was a success and Jankovic believes that it will enable her to play at her best level.

Jankovic’s doctor doesn’t allow her to play tennis until she fully recovers, and told her not to take part in the charity exhibition event at the Belgrade Arena, scheduled for December 7. However, Jelena is so determined to play in her home town, primarily because the funds raised go to charity, that she will ignore the doctor’s orders, and will play at the event. Oh, that’s so nice of her.

After the exhibition match, Jankovic will return to the States, and she will stay off the court until the doctor tells her it’s safe for her to resume training and start preparing for the 2008 season. (source: B92)

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