Ana Ivanovic video compilation with funny comments

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Here’s one positive and relaxing video making fun of Ana Ivanovic, of course, only for the purposes of entertainment.

In the video, Ana’s team made fun of her “perfect” forehand, her “always precise” shots, her “honesty”, and other things we tend to associate with the 20-year-old tennis star. They also ridiculed her mother’s constant seriousness (something I’ve noticed myself) saying “Such a happy, bubbly, and exuberant person. She obviously gets it from her mother…”. Hehe, definitely! Anyway, enjoy this 5-minute video!

You can download the video at Ana Ivanovic’s official website.


  1. great video! i’ve never really seen much of Ana outside of her matches, this gave a more intimate look at her.

    the tennis channel has created a funny holiday e-card called ‘Lord of the Strings’ that you can share with your friends and family. check out

  2. Duluth, thanks for informing me about the e-card. It’s so funny when you upload your own photo. I will send it to some of my friends.


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