Impressions from the tennis exhibition in Belgrade

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Yesterday I was in Belgrade at the charity tennis exhibition called NAJJ Srbije and now I’ll share my impressions with you. As you probably know, the event was organized by Serbia’s four best-ranked tennis players (Jelena Jankovic, Ana Ivanovic, Novak Djokovic, and Janko Tipsarevic) in order to raise money for charity, while at the same time giving home fans an opportunity to be a part of a tennis spectacle.

I liked the fact that the event was organized with heart, and that the players were genuinely happy to be in front of thousands of people in their home town (let’s just remind you that Jelena showed up despite her doctor’s orders to skip the exhibition). The other good thing is that they gave many young tennis players a chance to show their skills in front of so many people (just to mention that line judges were also kids – they were sooo cute).

I also liked the fact that the four Serbia’s top players were having fun all the time. They played an exhibition doubles match – Jelena and Novak vs. Ana and Janko – but the score was on the last place of importance. They were making fun of each other, played without the ball, invited a ball boy to join them, and so on. All in all, they were enjoying themselves and their connection with the audience.

There was one thing about the exhibition that I didn’t like. They had invited so many singers (of all genres), dancers, and other show people, that as a whole, I felt the event was more of a music spectacle than a tennis event.

All in all, I’m glad the players organized this charity event, showing they love their fans here in Serbia, and are also willing to help people who are in need.


  1. Wow, that’s great. I can imagine how much the Serbians are proud of them. I always cheer for small countries. Unfortunately it is not always easy to get world media attention when you are a small nation.

  2. love your site..keep up the great work and thanks for the photos,ana ivanovic is one of my players

  3. thanks for the description, and also including what you weren’t so keen on; it isn’t easy to talk about ‘show’ events like this and say there’s anything not so perfect, so bravo to you: it gives a good, all round report!

    love your blog and look forward to it in my mailbox each day.

    all the best from Scotland!


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