Nicole Vaidisova, Radek Stepanek to marry?


What? I’m speechless! This is the most unexpected news! Nicole Vaidisova, who celebrated her 18th birthday in April, to marry 29-year-old ATP tennis pro Radek Stepanek, Martina Hingis’ ex-fiancé? Haha, when I first read the heading of the news I thought that Vaidisova is about to marry someone, and Stepanek is about to marry someone (that’s how unbelievable their marriage is to me!).

According to the Bradenton Herald, the Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court has said that the pair applied for a marriage license on December 10.

The Herald also states that Vaidisova’s agent at IMG Academies has not been available to comment.

Remember that Stepanek and Hingis broke off their engagement only a few months ago, shortly before the US Open? And Stepanek is supposedly already planning to marry? Hm, maybe it’s a short period of time for me, but it might have been long enough for Radek to find a new bride. (via On the Baseline)


  1. Hard to figure, isn’t it? But there are only two workable scenarios:

    1. Hingis dumped Stepanek, and he was so broken over it, he found a rebound bride (not at all an unusual phenomenon, or…

    2. Stepanek was fooling around with Vaidisova while he was with Hingis.

    We may never know, and it isn’t really our business, but it certainly is a surprise. A lot of people are upset about the age difference, but I don’t know why. However, 18, in my opinion, is generally too young to marry.

  2. For me too, the age difference was the least shocking thing about all this. I didn’t even know they were dating, and then, out of a sudden — a marriage! What?? I still can’t imagine the two of them as a couple. The whole situation is still very confusing.

  3. but this guy is a monster….what do the most beautiful girls see in him? my god! he must have a very, very good……right…

  4. ……Sh..t ! What do these beautiful girls see in Stepanek……his mouth is so huge he could catch a fish in it never mind flies…wish he’d keep his mouth closed…….he’s going bald, looks 49 – not 29 – and has a corny sense of humor on court – such a wimp……catch a wake-up Vaidisova…..there are gorgeous hunks out there…Huh???

  5. I wonder where her parents through all this time? She is only a teenager dating a 30 yr old man. This guy is a child molester. specially when we don’t when that thing started. it makes me sick!


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