Jelena Dokic injured, to decide on Australian Open qualifying

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Due to an ankle injury, Jelena Dokic was unable to finish her second round match at the Moorilla Hobart International, and had to withdraw from the tournament. The 24-year-old will decide on Thursday whether or not to enter the Australian Open qualifying.

When down 5-0 to Italy’s Flavia Pennetta, former world No.4 Dokic was unable to continue. The Australian later admitted she had sustained the injury in qualifying for the event in Hobart and played with it in her first round victory over Martina Mueller.

Here’s what Dokic said about the injury:

It’s not something that’s really serious, so hopefully it will settle down. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

“I’ll have to make a really hard decision on Thursday.”

I was eagerly expecting the outcome of this match, and whether the Dokic will have the dilemma everyone was talking about yesterday, but all we got was yet another injury! What in the world is happening, why do so many players get injured?


  1. Jelena
    I have had depression for 20 years, I have overcome it finally. I am behind you all the way.
    This is the most dificult time in your life, their is no doubt. But, I wanted to play tennis so much, but, could not meet the standard. I feel that you are their to complete what I could not?
    You know that Australians are very forgiving and
    very supportive of everyone. Please, keep going, and eveyone supports you.
    Parents have alot to asnswer for. No one is perfect. I know you are Australian, because you
    have the spirit.
    If I can overcome,so can you. GO FOR IT JELENA.


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