Jelena Jankovic desperate for full-time coach


World No.4 Jelena Jankovic admitted she really needs a good full-time coach who would help her realize her full potential.

I don’t want to be alone anymore,” said Jankovic, who’s just turned 23. “I want somebody to help me improve my game. I want to listen to somebody who has better knowledge than I do.

Jankovic believes there are many areas of the game she can work on and improve herself, but she lacks guidance of a professional coach that would always be there for her.

“I still have a lot of room for improvement, which is a good thing when I am No.4 in the world,” added Jankovic. “If I have the right coach who has a lot of knowledge and can raise my level by putting me on the right track, I can really reach my full potential and do great things in tennis.

Jankovic, however, has a big problem as there are no good full-time coaches available.

“I would really love to find the right coach who can help me do this but it’s really tough to find that person,” said the Serb. “I am looking very hard and will do my best to find someone. Last year I got to No.3 in the world with just a part-time coach and a hitting partner. Now I know I need somebody with me all the time.”

All the good coaches are already taken or the ones who are not, maybe they don’t want to travel,” she said. “It’s very, very difficult.”

BTW: Jankovic is now playing a tournament in Bangalore. It’s her first ever visit to India, and because Europeans are not used to Indian water, Jankovic has been washing her teeth and face with Evian water only. Fancy! (sources: Reuters, Tennis Australia)


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