Maria Sharapova has traveled 48,237 miles / 77,600 km in two months

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It fascinates me how much tennis players travel. We all know they are constantly on the road, or more precisely in the air, changing time zones, weather and cultures all the time.

Now we have it calculated, on the example of world No.5 Maria Sharapova, how much exactly a top tennis player travels. The result is stunning, although not unexpected.

So, this is the list and the mileage of Sharapova’s travels in 2008 only. Remember, we’re only in the first week of March.

  • Los Angeles to Singapore – 8,760 miles / 14,100 km
  • Singapore to Hong Kong – 1,600 miles / 2,600 km
  • Hong Kong to Melbourne – 4,600 miles / 7,400 km
  • Melbourne to Bangkok – 4,570 miles / 7,350 km
  • Bangkok to Tel Aviv – 4,300 miles / 6,900 km
  • Tel Aviv to Los Angeles – 7,560 miles / 12,150 km
  • Los Angeles to Doha – 8,290 miles / 13,350 km
  • Doha to Dubai – 237 miles / 400 km
  • Dubai to Los Angeles – 8,320 miles / 13,400 km

This sums up to 48237 miles, which is approximately 77,600 km. Impressive, don’t you agree?

Note: I converted miles into kilometers, and the numbers are approximates. (source: Maria Sharapova’s site)


  1. nice article.i’m fascinated with this subject as you.i think the kilometers will be much more if u calculate jelena jankovic’s miles.she has a crazy schedule!

  2. Thanks, Jules. Don’t take my word for this, but I read somewhere that Jankovic traveled from Melbourne via Bangkok to New York for a short appointment with doctor, and then to Belgrade for just a few hours, and then to Budapest to play Fed Cup. Imagine this mileage for just about two or three days. Crazy. I wanted to include this in the article, but I couldn’t find the source and I’m not sure I’ve remembered the information correctly.


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