Ana Ivanovic and “Prison Break” actor Wentworth Miller would like to meet each other


Tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic said she likes spending spare time watching television series Prison Break and out of all people that have ever lived she would like to spend a day with handsome Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller. The Prison Break star would like to meet Ana Ivanovic too. Wentworth said he would be honored to meet one of the most beautiful and most successful female tennis players.

A fan asked Ana Ivanovic on her official website: “If you can meet someone, just for one day, famous or not, living or dead, who would it be and why?”

“Wentworth Miller!,” Ana replied straightforwardly.

Then, on the Entertainment Channel Wentworth Miller was asked whether he knew who Ana Ivanovic was and what he thought about her. He said that you didn’t have to follow tennis to know about Ana. He said she was one of the most successful tennis players, and certainly one of the most beautiful athletes too.

Wentworth is glad Ana likes him, and he thanked her for the compliment. He said that unfortunately they hadn’t met, but added that he would like that to happen.

Note: I couldn’t find the original Wentworth’s words, so I retold what they say in an online edition of Serbian newspaper Blic. Did you maybe watch when he said this? Is there a script?

Additional info:
When asked whether she felt pressured to have a boyfriend because many people ask her if she had one, Ana Ivanovic replied: “I am asked about it a lot but I don’t feel pressured. I’m sure it will happen when I least expect it. You can’t plan these things.”


  1. Sweet sweet Ana!!!
    Wentworth Miller???

    You’re hiding behind that “woman-child” look but you’re not naive…not at all!!!

    Go girl!

  2. As I said on Excommunicated site we are all aware of presence of fake Went’s interviews so as this one about Ana.

  3. i know Anna you want to meet wentworth miller but not just you maybe you want to meet him but not just you ther’s a lot of people and fans dream to meet wentworth miller and i am not just a fan i am more than a fan in my opinion so that’s my dream to meet wentworth miller and i am crazy about him!!part of me says that i will never meet him but the other part says you have hope and you can meet him not just Anna and i am with the other part i hope ill meet him oneday… I LOVE YOU Wentworth Miller SO MUCH…
    with all my love:
    walaa hijazi…

  4. što bi to što je wentworth izjavio bila laž??? On nije rekao ništa što nije istina… Uostalom, ko ne bi voleo da upozna anu??? Ja jesam iz Srbije, ali nisam pristrasna… Ana je sjajna devojka i još bolja teniserka… Tako da wentworth sigurno treba da bude počastvovan što bi jedna devojka, kao što je ana volela da ga upozna…
    ‘ajde Ana!!!! Pašće i went…

  5. I LOVE ana ivanovic!!!

    what a role model, and amazing athlete!
    she makes serbia proud!
    good luck in Beijing, ana!!!

  6. hi,walaa!!I support you forever!!!You are so brave to speak out what you are thinking!!!I am a fan of wentworth,too!!!he is so handsome,charming,attractive,well,I can not find enough words!!when I watch mtv”we belong together”,I am really jealous to see he hold Mary cariy”!!!!I am from china,I know we are far away but I am so happy there are so many fans who have same dream like mine which is meeting wentworth!!!!Let us keep this hope and trying our best to realize it!!!!God will help who help themselves!!

  7. Such a handsome guy like Wentworth Miller is fit enough to meet Ana cos she is Pretty as well.Well i would also like to meet Went too.Emmy

  8. Today, Tomorrow, forever I Love u.Whereever u go…Whatever u do….I love u.Even we can’t meet each other i’ll always love u.


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