Serena Williams reveals the secret behind five Miami titles


We’re still talking about Miami’s Sony Ericsson Open, well it’s not often called the fifth Grand Slam for nothing. As you know, Serena Williams won this last one and collected her fifth title at the prestigious event. So what’s the secret behind Serena’s domination at the Sony Ericsson Open? Here’s what she herself says:

Ok so I had a pretty decent tournament and people want to know why I have won there 5 times… Hummm well I have so many friends that come out to the tournament! All my friends from Palm Beach everything. So when I come to play in Miami if I lose too many people will be mad at me! So that’s my secret!

Serena also stated how she has never been angrier after winning a tournament and added: “I feel like I should have won that final easier, but after all a win is a win right???” That’s right, Serena. (source: Serena’s official site)


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