Unfortunate Maria Sharapova to miss Beijing Olympics


Russia’s Maria Sharapova withdrew from this week’s Rogers Cup because of her persistent shoulder injury and stated that her participation in both the Beijing Olympics and the US Open was under question. Well, the 21-year-old Russian has just announced that as far as the Olympics are concerned, she’ll have to overcome the disappointment of not playing at that great event.

After yesterdays match I knew there was something seriously wrong with my shoulder. After taking a few different exams and MRI’s this morning, the doctors found two small tears in the tendons of my shoulder.

There are so many mixed feelings because last night they were almost positive there was something wrong with my nerve which could have ultimately been much more serious but after the tests this morning, for the first time in a while, they were able to give me a different answer and a different problem. But on the other hand this is something that needs a lot of time to heal, which really hurts me to say that I have to miss the Olympics.

I’m currently packing up really quick to hop on the plane and head to NY for a second opinion but I wanted to let all of you know first that there’s no chance of me competing in Beijing. The timing is so unfortunate and this makes me more sad than anything.

Too bad. I just hope that this injury will leave Sharapova alone in reasonable time and not affect her overall career.


  1. This is surely one of the worst things that ever happened to Maria. It’s not only that she’ll be missing the Games, she’ll also be missing the US Open for the first time! ='(

    I just hope she will then be fully recovered to play in Doha (if she qualifies).

  2. OMG! I still can’t get over it. Before, when I see footages of the Olympics as the events get under way, I got so eager about it and imagining Maria walking with other Russian athletes in the opening ceremony. But now, every time I see the preparations going on for the Games, I just can’t help myself but be depressed by the fact that I won’t see her there! You’re my idol, Maria! I’m hoping for you fast recovery.


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